About Us

  1. SCLC Detroit is a non-profit community based organization founded in 1957 by Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. and 59 other Ministers from the South. SCLC was a direct result of the Montgomery Boycott inspired by Mother Rosa Parks. The Montgomery Boycott was the first successful Civil Rights Boycott and was instrumental in displaying the economic power that African Americans have. SCLC was formed and based in Atlanta Georgia as a central point of direct action, and was established to fight social injustices, poverty, racism, prejudice, and discrimination, as well as serve as a strategic point to ensure economic development equal housing, equal emploment, community development, develpoe leadership, encourage entreprenural development. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is responsible for The Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act, The Equal Housing Act, and The Equal Employment Act. SCLC Detroit was founded in 1970 by it's late President and CEO Dr. Claud Young, a prominent Detroit Physician and Civil Rights activist. SCLC is currently under the dynamic new leadership of former SCLC National Youth department activist Aaron McCarthy Jr. , Board of Directors consisting of some of Detroits finest self starting professions around. Dedicated to implementing programs aimed at lessening and finally eliminating the violence in Detroit, SCLC Detroit is currently applying for grants to fulfill the responsibility of developing, training, and getting new entreprenuers ready with the Smart Tool Kit Entreprenuer development Partnership, just finalized in press release15-16, with the National  Small Business Administration on October, 7, 2015, while implementing a 100 Church, 100, School, and a 100, neighborhood alliance to help stop the violence in Detroit, teaching and preaching the Kingian 6 steps, and 6 principle of non-violence, the only successful weapon ever used victoriously, by Dr. Mrtin Luther King Jr.